Influencer Marketing Shows Mixed Metrics in February

Influencer marketing is growing steadily in 2017, with the number of sponsored posts increasing by 17 percent in February, according to HYPR data.

The number of disclosed sponsored posts in February totaled 97,345, up from 83,000 in January. Growth on a week by week basis climbed significantly compared to January figures, with 24.2K posts in week 1 (up 5.2K), 25K in week 2 (up 4.3K), week 3 numbers dipped slightly to 23.9K, but still surpassed the January figure (up 2.4K), before rising to close week 4 with 24K (up 1.4K).

As predicted, brands activating influencers increased, with 6.5K companies partaking in week 1 (up 1.7K), 7K in week 2 (up 1.5K), 6.7K in week 3 (up 800,000) and holding at 6.7K in week 4 (up 600,000). Approximately 17.4K new companies activated influencers in February—down slightly from January’s figure of 20K.

Participating influencers are on the rise, with 17.3K active in week 1 (up 3.8K from January), 17.8K in week 2 (up 3.3K), 17K in week 3 (up 1.5K) and 17.1K in week 4 (up 800,000).

These numbers show steady growth for influencer marketing in February. In particular, HYPR has noticed a shift towards brands and companies activating influencers for campaigns, which represents a greater emphasis on partnering with influencers for marketing initiatives.