Influencer Marketing Opens 2017 with Continued Growth

After claiming a $2 billion market share in 2016, we predict influencer marketing will continue rising significantly in 2017.

Looking at January numbers, we’re seeing significant week over week traction on Instagram with over 30 percent growth in January alone. HYPR identified over 83,000 disclosed sponsored posts in January 2017. Perhaps more meaningful than the overall number are the growth numbers on a week over week basis, with 19K posts in week 1, 20.7K in week 2, 21.5K in week 3 and 22.6K in week 4. Early February numbers suggest growth will continue.

Brand participation showed strong growth, with 4.8K companies participating in week 1, 5.5K in week 2, 5.9K in week 3 and 6.1K in week 4, with a total of approximately 20K unique brands activating influencers in January—on average, an increase of more than 4 sponsored posts per brand. Here as well, we are seeing continued growth in February (as will be detailed in our next post).

The trend continues when looking at participating influencers – and HYPR recorded a substantial spike in the number of participating influencers, with 13.5K in week 1, 14.5K in week 2, 15.5K in week 3, and 16.3K in week 4.

All week 4 numbers, and January numbers in total, represent record highs for the industry but are also projected to be quickly broken in February.

Perhaps most meaningful is the continued shift towards the use of micro-influencers—account holders with less than 100,000 followers. Brands are leaning heavily on micro-influencers. Perhaps this is a result of rising costs associated with activating the bigger names, and perhaps a result of brands finding a higher ROI with smaller players. Micro-influencers with an audience of less than 100,000 made up over 90% of the influencer population in January, a significant shift from 2016 numbers.